Side Orders

Most Japanese dishes are ‘small’. If you need a good appetiser, snack, or side for your dinner, we have the following dishes to offer.

Edamame Beans

244 kcal

Edamame beans with sea salt and lemon


Spicy Edamame Beans

295 kcal

Edamame beans with spicy miso


Grilled Edamame Beans

343 kcal

Grilled edamame beans with supreme soy


Ebi Bites

378 kcal

6 x Tempura shrimp, chili, coriander, miso aioli fresh lime


Shake Carpaccio

162 kcal

Salmon, miso aioli, trout roe, chives lime marinade


Tuna Tartare

247 kcal

Tuna, avocado, sesame, miso, yuzu, ginger lotus chips


Salmon Tartare

Salmon, yuzu miso, spring onion, herbs, trout roe lotus chips


Shake Tataki

163 kcal

Seared salmon, kizami wasabi, daikon, cress ponzu


Green Tartare

315 kcal

Grilled broccoli marrow, ginger, yuzu,avocado, coriander lotus chips


Hiramasa Kataifi

196 kcal

Hiramasa, kataifi, chives, shiso, truffle oil ponzu


Horenso No Goma

174 kcal

Blanched spinach with soy sesame and goma dressing


Beef Tataki

140 kcal

Beef fillet with miso aïoli, spring oni... Click to read more


Hotate Kataifi

410 kcal

Scallops, miso aioli, trout roe kataifi cress


Maguro Tataki

225 kcal

Seared tuna, yuzu-kosho, wafu dressing, soya sesame and daikon cress



286 kcal

Fried and served with black truffle goma.



258 kcal

Grilled in soy and served with spicy goma


Kinoko Katzu

385 kcal

Blue oyster mushroom with soy panko, lime chilli dip



533 kcal

Chicken with pickled red onion wasabi caesar


Rice Paper Duck

309 kcal

Duck, pickled red onion, avocado, cucumber coriander served with goma


Seaweed Salad

280 kcal

Seaweed, daikon, sugar snaps, cucumber sesame


Miso Soup

41 kcal

Seasonal miso soup with tofu, spring onion wakame seaweed


Japanese Rice

162 kcal

A bowl of Japanese rice. We recommend to try with Chili Dip or Goma



Thinly sliced fish of the finest cut, served raw with a side of special soy. 

Shake Sashimi

143 kcal

Salmon sashimi with supreme soy wasabi


Maguro Sashimi

115 kcal

Tuna sashimi with supreme soy wasabi


Hiramasa Sashimi

193 kcal

Yellowtail kingfish sashimi with supreme soy wasabi


Sashimi Mix

244 kcal

Salmon, yellowfin tuna and hiramasa sashimi with supreme soy wasabi


House Maki

Our finest signature rolls, inspired by ingredients from the Japanese kitchen. Served in 4 delicate bites, filled with umami.

Aka Ebi Maki

189 kcal

Argentinian red shrimp, spicy gochujang... Click to read more


Black Cod Maki

294 kcal

Grilled buttery black cod with crispy J... Click to read more


Wagyu Maki

235 kcal

Wagyu tartare, kizami wasabi and spring onion


Softshell Maki

247 kcal

Crispy softshell crab with masago spicy sauce


Maguro Tempura

223 kcal

Tempura prawn, tuna, spicy sauce, spring onion, masago and chives.



153 kcal

Roasted pepper, avocado, cucumber, yuzu-kosho, shiso tsume



Kaburimaki are topped rolls. Kaburi means top in Japanese—maki means roll. We have a substantial selection of toppings. Browse below

Ebi Panko

382 kcal

Tempura shrimp spicy sauce, topped with avocado, sesame tsume soy


Shake Aïoli

401 kcal

Snow peas, avocado, cucumber, miso aiol... Click to read more


Hell's Kitchen

495 kcal

Tempura shrimp, avocado spicy sauce topped with tuna barbecue sauce


New York Subway

457 kcal

Tempura shrimp, avocado spicy sauce topped with salmon garlic



Uramaki are inside-out rolls. Ura means inside-out in Japanese—maki means roll. The rice is wrapped around the seaweed. Browse below

Crispy Ebi

387 kcal

Tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy sauce tsume soy, rolled in sesame



306 kcal

Shrimp, miso aioli, avocado, cucumber, rolled in sesame masago



498 kcal

Chicken, avocado, kataifi, coriander spicy yuzu-kosho


Pink Alaska

328 kcal

Salmon, cream cheese avocado, rolled in lumpfish roe


Spicy Tuna

352 kcal

Tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce, masago, kataifi herbs


Mamma Mia

279 kcal

Avocado and cucumber, rolled in chives soy sesame




289 kcal

Seared fish, spicy sauce, snow peas, ginger, chilli pickled red onion



Nigiri is a staple of the Japanese sushi kitchen. These nigiris might not look like much, but it takes years to master this part of the Japanese kitchen.


90 kcal

2 x Nigiri with yellowfin tuna



80 kcal

2 x Nigiri with shrimp



202 kcal

2 x Nigiri with avocado, yuzu-kosho sesame



100 kcal

2 x Nigiri with salmon


Shake Yaki

111 kcal

2 x Nigiri with seared salmon, sansho pepper tsume soy


Shake NY

100 kcal

2 x Nigiri with salmon garlic



73 kcal

Nigiri with Japanese omelet 



115 kcal

Nigiri with yellowtail kingfish


Hiramasa Yaki

121 kcal

2 x Nigiri with seared yellowtail kingfish



146 kcal

2 x Tofu with ginger, shiitake mushroom, cress and sesame


Inari Ikura

154 kcal

2 x Tofu with ginger, trout roe, shiitake mushroom, cress sesame


Aka Piman

92 kcal

2 x Grilled Romano pepper yuzu-kosho.


Nasu Aburi

135 kcal

2 x Seared aubergine, miso kizami wasabi.



140 kcal

2 x Portobello with lime salt



Hosomaki are the smallest rolls. Hoso means thin in Japanese—maki means roll, thus thin rolls. Our hosomaki comes in two variations—the classic hosomaki or the inside-out version.

Shake Maki

181 kcal

Hosomaki with salmon


Kappa Maki

131 kcal

Hosomaki with cucumber


Abokado Maki

197 kcal

Hosomaki with avocado


Menus for 1

Mixed Emotions

928 kcal

EDAMAME Soya beans with sea salt lemon... Click to read more


Green Keeper

1264 kcal

SEAWEED SALAD Seaweed, daikon, snow pea... Click to read more


Kyoto Non Stop

326 kcal

Tofu with ginger, avocado, seared auber... Click to read more


Duck, Salmon & Their Friends

807 kcal

NIGIRI Salmon RICE PAPER Duck breast,... Click to read more


Mini Maki Maki

783 kcal

KABURIMAKI Hell’s kitchen with tempura... Click to read more


Menus for 2

Maki Maki

1561 kcal

KABURIMAKI Hell’s kitchen with tempura... Click to read more


Carpe Diem

3143 kcal

BROCCOLI. Grilled in supreme soy, serve... Click to read more


Perfect Day

2911 kcal

Edamame: Beans with salt and lemon Shak... Click to read more


Menus for more

Perfect Day 3

4142 kcal

Edamame: Beans with salt and lemon Shak... Click to read more


Carpe Diem 3

4700 kcal

BROCCOLI. Grilled in supreme soy, serve... Click to read more


Four Meal Drive

3425 kcal

Shake Yaki: Seared salmon Maguo: Yellow... Click to read more



Hearty salads with greens, fish or chicken

Jungle Fish

690 kcal

Grilled salmon, shrimp and seared tuna ... Click to read more


Green Bird

923 kcal

Marinated chicken and soy egg on a sala... Click to read more


Green Gate

677 kcal

Grilled sweet potato, avocado, cauliflo... Click to read more


Beautiful Mess

459 kcal

Salmon, avocado, snow peas, edamame, pickled red onion, sushi rice poké sauce


Osaka Chaos

532 kcal

Salmon, tuna, shrimp, tamago, avocado, ... Click to read more



Yakitori, as the Japanese call them, are small, delicious pieces of grilled fish, meat, or vegetables. 

Saba Yaki

(Summer special) Sake marinated mackere... Click to read more


Aka Ebi

140 kcal

Argentinian red shrimp, spicy gochujang garlic butter


Gyu Habu

Beef filet with miso herb butter



279 kcal

2 x Japanese chicken meatballs in teriyaki


Gindara No Miso

114 kcal

Miso marinated black cod


Shake Teriyaki

156 kcal

Salmon with teriyaki sauce spring onion


Hotate Bacon

292 kcal

Scallops wrapped in bacon with miso herb butter



104 kcal

Chicken wings with salt lemon No common allergies. 


Buta Yaki

286 kcal

Free-range pork with yuzu-miso sesame


Aigamo Tsukune

247 kcal

Grilled duck meatball with egg york in surpreme soy.


Yaki Yagi

220 kcal

Goat’s cheese with dried ham


Tsukune Chili

339 kcal

Chicken meatballs, chili dip, teriyaki spring onions


Iberico Secreto

272 kcal

Miso cured black Iberian pig with lemon


Matr Chili

MATR Fungi food, chilli dip, teriyaki ... Click to read more



180 kcal

Grilled king oyster mushroom with miso herb butter


Imo Yaki

113 kcal

Sweet potato, coriander cress teriyaki


Shishito Yaki

72 kcal

2 x Padron peber, spicy gochujang, resu... Click to read more


Wagyu Yaki

159 kcal

Japanese wagyu from Kyushu No common allergies.



They are small but with good reason—the smaller they are, the more you can taste. Browse below


399 kcal

Black sesame custard, vanilla ice cream, sesame nougatine sesame tuile



458 kcal

Chocolate cake and matcha mousse topped with matcha crumble



We have put together some favourites for the young ones. If you would like to see a menu of sushi, hot sticks, and a mix, or a menu for larger parties, you can find that here.

Sticks Menu

632 kcal

2 Chicken meatballs (Tsukune), 2 Matr p... Click to read more


Kids Sushi Menu Ebi

443 kcal

2 nigiri with shrimp 8 pieces of hosoma... Click to read more


Kids Sushi Menu Shake

490 kcal

2 nigiri with salmon 8 pieces of hosom... Click to read more


Kids Sticks'n'Sushi Ebi

815 kcal

2 nigiri with shrimp 2 sticks with chic... Click to read more


Kids Sticks'n'Sushi Shake

899 kcal

2 nigiri with salmon 2 sticks with chic... Click to read more


Kids Party Menu

1918 kcal

Enough for four children - 64 slices of... Click to read more


Dips & Merchandise

Spicy Goma

Spicy Goma 





Chili Dip

Chili Dip


Miso Dip

Miso Dip


Truffle Goma

Truffle Goma


Wasabi Caesar

Wasabi Caesar



Coca Cola

139 kcal

Coca Cola


Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola Zero


Japanese Ramune

70 kcal

A Japanese child’s favourite. Fresh, fun and bubbly.



Kirin Ichiban [5%]

100% malt lager, aromatic and refreshing. 


Asahi Karakuchi [5%]

Asahi Karakuchi Japanese beer


Wines, Bubbles & Sake

Provence Rosé, Ultimate [13%]

Frank on the palate, with a light, roun... Click to read more


Esprit Méditerranée [12.5%]

This dazzling rosé offers up powerful, ... Click to read more


Goats Do Roam [13.5%]

Aromas of red cherry, plum pepper spic... Click to read more


Petit Pinotage, Ken Forrester [13.5%]

Spice, mulberry, plum pudding cherry, offset by a hint of smoke.


Fog Mountain [13.5%]

Enticing aromas of blackberry, bramble ... Click to read more


Picpoul De Pinel, Baron De Badassière [13%]

Refreshing, zingy citrus crisp apple, ... Click to read more


Pinot Grigio, Puiattino [12.5%]

Balanced and pleasing Pinot Grigio, full of ripe pears, peaches citrus.


Old Vines Chenin, Ken Forrester [13.5%]

A harmonious balance between fruit and ... Click to read more



Yuzu Sake, Tsukasabotan [10%]

Infused with fresh yuzu juice, which gives a defined citrus flavour


Washi no Junmai, Tosatsuru [14%]

Light and subtle sake with a clean texture and dry finish


Sparkling Sake, Mio [5%]

Fruity with a freshning, sweet aroma and fine bubbles